Lawrence Marvit is an Eisner-nominated writer and artist who has designed for animated films, television, games, theater, and comics for such clients as Warner Bros., Universal Studios, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Sony, Disney TV, Wild Brain, S.L.G. Publishing, Oni Press, and Pixar.

He has also taught for many years focusing on story, dialogue, design, composition, color, figure drawing, anatomy, landscape drawing, and art history. Lawrence is constantly looking for trouble, so if you have an interesting problem that requires his skills, please feel free to contact him.

Full CV here.

Animation Experience

Cartoon Network
• Development Artist on Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends, television series
• Art Director on Ferret and Parrot
• Development Artist for untitled animated feature to be directed by Jan Pinkava
• Conceptual Designer for environments on Monsters Inc., animated feature
• Conceptual Designer for environments on A Bug’s Life, animated feature directed by John Lasseter
Snoozeville Productions
• Development Artist on Monkeybone, animated feature directed by Henry Selick
Turner Feature Animation
• Development Artist on Yellowstone Wolves, animated feature
Disney Television
• Development Artist on “Three Little Pigs” in Twisted Fairy Tales, animated short
• Development Artist on Penny Dreadful, television series
• Key Layout Designer on Around the World in 80 Days, straight-to-video movie
• Development Artist on Raygun, animated feature directed by Brad Bird
Chuck Jones Productions
• Development Artist on Another Froggy Evening, animated short
• Development Artist Superior Duck, animated short
• Development Artist on Lumberjack Rabbit, animated short
• Key Layout Designer on I Am Weasel, television series
• Key Layout Designer on Cow and Chicken, television series
• Colorstyling on Voltron Sprite, commercials
• Key Layout Designer on Toonsylvania, television series
• Key Layout Designer on Poochini, television series
Universal Studios
• Key Layout Designer on Hercules and Xena: the Animated Movie, straight-to-video movie
Warner Bros.
• Key Layout Designer on Xiaolin Showdown, television series
• Key Layout Designer on Duck Dogers in the 24 and ½ Century, television series
• Props and miscellaneous spaceships on Space Jam, animated feature
Hyperion Studios
• Key Layout Designer on The Brave Little Toaster 2 and 3, straight-to-video features
• Key Layout Designer on Little Wizards, television series
• Layout Art Director on Hyperman, television series
• Storyboard Artist on Happily Ever After, television series
• Development Artist on The Princess and the Mummy, animated feature
Lapiz Azul Studios
• Assistant Layout Artist on Batman: The Animated Series, television series
• Creator, Writer, Director on internet film Cupids
Happy Fly Fish
• Development Artist on Zombie Western

Illustration Experience

Oni Press
• Artist on painted short for Paul Dini’s Jingle Belle
Slave Labor Graphics
• Creator, Writer, and Artist on comic Sparks: an urban fairytale, Eisner-nominated
Fabula Magazine
• Editorial illustrations
Video Games
Cerny Games
• Conceptual Designer on Monstrosity, Playstation game
Knowledge Adventure
• Conceptual Designer on Jumpstart Fifth Grade, educational CD-ROM game
• Conceptual Designer on Space Adventure 2, educational CD-ROM game

Scenic Design Experience

MGM Studios/Pan Atom
• Designed trade show booth for licensing and merchandising in New York and Hong Kong
• Concept Designer for Universal store at Citywalk
• Concept Designer for Thomas Gregor and Associates on water attraction for Sea World


The Animation workshop. 2005 to 2008

• Composition and Design

• Perspective

• Color

• Key Layout Design

Animation Artist 2008

• Composition and Design

Drawing Academy

• Figure Drawing

• Composition

• History of Composition

• Anatomy

• Perspective

Professional Training at Animation Workshop

• Concept Design for Games

• Concept Design for Feature and Television animation

• Composition and Design

• Color

• Anatomy

Ars animacion

• Composition and Design

L’ecole Des Beaux Art De La Reunion

• Composition and design

Teaching Assistant to Glenn Vilppu


California Institute of the Arts
1990-1994, Bachelor of Fine Arts; Animation and Scenic Design